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Our Farmers

Our farmers are spread out across Wales, mainly in the North East and South West as seen on the map. All our farms are in Wales and produce organic milk from dairy cows. Our farmers truly believe in the benefits of organic farming towards people and nature – after all, it’s how they live and work!

We are a co-operative, so we are owned by each of our farmers, which means that when you support Calon Wen, you support our farmers. Our farmers believe in treating our cows with respect, keeping our farms high welfare.

They work every day of the year, Christmas and all holidays included, rain or shine – and it’s usually rain! – to provide organic dairy produce.

Find out more about our farmers below…

Wrench Family

Beeches Farm

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Davies Family

Lan Las Farm

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Taylor Family

Argoed Farm

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Lewis Family

Ffrem Tresinwen

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Ridgway Family

Clovers Farm

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Tomlinson Family

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More of our farmers bios coming soon!

When our cows are ready
we milk them ourselves
Calon Wen