Ridgway Family

What our Farmers Say


Roger and Moira Ridgway

When did you start farming?:

In 1994 when we got married

What inspired you to start/take over the family farm?:

We had both worked away from the farm, but within agriculture, for 10 years. Roger worked for a National relief milking company and then within the salad and field scale veg growing sector and Moira in dairy cow reproduction research. However it was always our intention to return to Moira’s family farm

Why did you become organic?:

We became organic in 2003 as when we had children we started buying organic fruit and vegetables to feed them as we wanted to minimise the amount of pesticides they were eating. This prompted our decision to convert to organic as we wanted our milk to be produced without artificial inputs. We were inspired by the Calon Wen brand and ethos, which was Welsh milk into Welsh products to be sold in Wales. We also wanted to be part of a small cooperative of farmers who had a say in how the brand developed. Spare time = we don’t have much free time off the farm, but we do enjoy having picnic suppers by the sea, enjoying the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast and the amazing sunset.

Calon Wen