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So you’ve received your order, or maybe you have some leftover products which you’re not sure what to do with? No stress, browse below for some recipe ideas, ranging from

sweet to savoury! If you have any recipes you’d like to share with us, send them to We love to see what you’ve made! Tag us in any social media posts.

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Eggs Royal

Eggs royale is similar to Eggs Benedict or florentine but uses smoked salmon instead of ham or spinach. Using cold butter rather than warm, melted butter means the sauce takes a few extra minutes to come together, but there’s far less risk of it splitting – worth the time we think. Method 1. To make

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Welsh Rarebit

Place chopped onion in a small pot the butter. Cook slowly until onion becomes transparent in colour. Add flour and stir in and cook until mixture feels a little like sand. Do not burn your fingers or the flour! Having warmed the milk with bay leaf in it. Slowly add milk a little at a

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