Achieving Our Goals


As a business, we try to be as sustainable as possible by continuously looking at alternative options to reduce our environmental footprint.

We are aware of the ongoing impacts plastic is having on the environment and as a business we have decided certain things needed to change.

We thought rather than trying to change too much in one go, we would give ourselves smaller more achievable goals to start with as we realise small changes can make a big difference!

We are doing everything we can to replace plastics where possible and reduce our overall carbon-footprint, however unfortunately there are some things that cannot be replaced so we have sourced recyclable plastic alternatives.

Doing Everything We Can

What we are doing now:

  • Recycling in the office - recycling cardboard, plastic and food waste.
  • Replacing eating and drinking disposables for ceramic cups and plates, glasses, and cutlery.
  • We use compostable packaging for our butter rather than plastic wraps.
  • We use recyclable insulated cardboard boxes and insulate the boxes with wool rather than plastic based products - wool is biodegradable,compostable, recyclable, reusable and abundantly available. It also lowers the carbon footprint of delivery chains, as it takes up less room in transit than man-made alternatives.
  • We source recyclable and plastic free alternative materials for merchandise such as tote bags and cool bags.
  • We source recyclable plastic bottles for our milk.

What can we do in the future?

  • Source a biodegradable wrap for our cheese products. We are constantly looking into this and understand that Bangor University are currently investigating alternatives.
  • Collaborate with other businesses that are sustainable and use plastic-free alternatives for their products.
  • When catering future events to use an alternative to plastic cups by introducing ceramic mugs for hot chocolates and offering a discounted price for a refill in the returned mug. Where plastic is used it will be biodegradable.
  • Ensuring all staff use reusable hemp tote bags when shopping to avoid using single use plastic bags.
  • Asking the delivery drivers to replace plastic water bottles with a reusable water bottle.
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