benefits of organic milk

Health benefits of organic milk

We believe that choosing organic is the healthier choice and a more sustainable choice. Let’s talk about the health benefits of organic milk!

  1. Organic milk contains more beneficial omega-3 fatty acids than conventional milk.
  2. Omega-3 fatty acids provide potential protection against cardiovascular diseases and dementia.
  3. Organic milk has more beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin than conventional milk.
  4. Organic milk has 68% higher levels of essential fatty acids.
  5. Organic milk has more vitamin E than conventional milk.
  6. Evidence shows that these benefit vision, brain function, child growth and development & type 2 diabetes, etc.


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Every Picture Tells A Story / Eich Stori Mewn llun

This was painted by Katie Moloney.  A friend of Heather Rogers she copied it from an image on the website.  What a great painting and a great idea.   If you live on a farm and  know someone who could paint a picture of your herd or any other aspect of life on your farm why

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Along with our Welsh Rugby team, Calon Wen is confidently making a “Try” in Japan.

With the Rugby World Cup well underway it appears that the Japanese love of all things Welsh is now extending to our Organic Dairy Products. Calon Wen is hoping that before long that the Japanese will be singing our praises as well as our Welsh National anthem. It was reported by Wales online that the

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Brand New Website Launch

Calon Wen Press Release Today Calon Wen launch their brand new website. A key feature on the website will be the new online store, enabling customers to place orders online for next day delivery. Calon Wen have also added a Click & Collect option, with the intention that the local community will be able to pick

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Calon Wen