Menyn Di-halen Organig Calon Wen 250G


Mae menyn di-halen Calon Wen yn fenyn llyfn, traddodiadol wedi ei wneud o hufen organig, yn flasus o gain ac amlbwrpas. Beth am roi cynnig ar ein menyn Cymreig hufennog ar eich tost poeth neu yn eich byns y Grog? Mae hwn yn gynnyrch hanfodol ar gyfer pobi!

Ar gael i’w harchebu mewn pecynnau sengl neu gasys o 20 pecyn

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Oes silff byrraf: 20 diwrnod.


Cadwch fi yn yr oergell.

Gwybodaeth Ychwanegol

Maint y pecyn


3 adolygiad am Menyn Di-halen Organig Calon Wen 250G

  1. Corrina

    The best organic butter we’ve tasted – maybe it’s the milk, maybe it’s the churning – whatever it is, we can tell the difference.

  2. Fran Norris (verified owner)

    This butter is very good quality. I make ghee from the butter and there is very little residue that separates (in the process of making ghee) compared with other butter, especially standard commercial types. This gives some peace of mind that the cows are being treated well. The butter is always packed well and delivered promptly.

  3. henbandy (verified owner)

    We really enjoy this butter. Its great for baking too – creams very easily. For me, one of the best thing is that its wrapped in a paper wrapper, that can go in the compost! (Most other butters – even the organic ones – are in a foil backed paper. No idea how to recycle that.) We are delighted we can now buy in bulk – so always have it in the fridge.

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