Along with our Welsh Rugby team, Calon Wen is confidently making a “Try” in Japan.

With the Rugby World Cup well underway it appears that the Japanese love of all things Welsh is now extending to our Organic Dairy Products.

Calon Wen is hoping that before long that the Japanese will be singing our praises as well as our Welsh National anthem. It was reported by Wales online that the Japanese residents of the city of Kitakyushu have provided a remarkable welcome to our Welsh rugby team with the city being transformed into a sea of red, with public transport, signs and even the airport adorned with support for Wales.  Amazingly, as shown in the video below, 15000 Japanese fans also welcomed our boys to the stadium by learning and singing “Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhada” or “Land of my fathers”.

It is encouraging to hear of the willingness of the Japanese to embrace our Welsh culture with such eagerness. It gives us great confidence with moving forward as we begin to export to the Asian market and we hope that Calon Wen as a brand will be met with the same enthusiasm.

Calon Wen on the Menu in Odakyu Hotels to celebrate Rugby World Cup

Our products are already being featuring on a special Welsh menu within the restaurants of the Odakyu Hotels in Japan to celebrate the Rugby World Cup. We are over the moon to know that this long established chain of hotels within Central Tokyo and throughout Japan has recognised the great organic taste of Wales.

Calon Wen Exporting to Japan

Working with the Mineichi Group (Minebo) we have lots of exciting scheduled activities in Japan throughout October.

Nissan Delicatessen

From 1st October Calon Wen products will be available to customers at the Nissin Delicatessen, a very long and well established imported food supermarket in Japan.  The Nissan customer base is generally those with considerable purchase ability such as expats, diplomats and professionals.  Although the Nissan Delicatessen is only one store it also has an online shop available and is the main hub for any sorts of imported products to branch out to various similar retailers.

Tsuruya Department Store British Fair

From 2nd to the 7th October we will be joining the Tsuruya Department Store British Fair.  The Tsuruya Department Store was established in Kumamoto in the Kyushu region (southern japan) and is a group of 14 different stores. At this event we will have our own booth.

Hankyu British Fair

Then from the 9th to the 15th October Calon Wen will join the Hankyu British Fair. This event will take place in the flagship store of Hankyu in Osaka. With 12 stores in Japan Hankyo is a major department store chain that was established in 1929. This year will be the 52nd year that Hankyu have held the largest British themed event in the country, designed to showcase varieties of goods, culture and history to the Japanese and it is estimated that across the 7 days of the fair there will be 250,000 visitors.

Why export to Japan?

  •  Japan is the 3rd largest economy after the US and China. [source]
  • Japan is the 4th largest importer in the World. In 2017 Japan imported over $632Billion of goods, of which $22.7 Billion was in the category of food stuffs. [source]
  • The Japanese market is characterised by consumers with high levels of disposable income who are drawn to premium, high-end goods and services. [source]
  • Japanese companies often exhibit a global outlook and a willingness to invest long-term in viable products and services. [source]
  • While Japan does have a well-established domestic market in many sectors, there is an exoticness and status associated with Western brands that drives Japanese consumer demand for Western products and services. [source]

For more information about the market of  organic products in Japan and the opportunities available please read this.

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