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Many dairy farmers have always wanted to sell
their own milk to local people through their
own company, and in 2000 that's what a group
of Welsh organic farmers started to do.
Initially there were four members, now
Calon Wen Co-operative boasts more
than twenty family farms...

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Our creamy Calon Wen Organic butter spread on classic Welsh “Bara Brith” makes any tea break into a real treat!

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For an Organic ploughmans style cheeseboard try our three styles of organic cheese with the classic complements of pickled onions and chutney!

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A super cute young Norwegian Red heifer calf from one of our Organic Dairy farm herds. Relaxing in a grassy field on a sunny day in Wales.

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Calves born in the spring are given the opportunity to experience the lush pastures and favorable weather conditions of the season.
They can benefit from the fresh vegetation, which is an important part of their diet. Organic farmers typically provide ample grazing areas for their livestock, allowing the calves to freely roam and enjoy the natural environment.

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The British dung beetle, like other dung beetles around the world, plays an important role in the ecosystem through its feeding and behavioral habits.

Nutrient recycling:
Dung beetles help break down animal waste, such as dung, by feeding on it. They bury dung balls or tunnel beneath it, which aids in the decomposition process. As they consume and process dung, they release nutrients back into the soil, facilitating nutrient cycling and improving soil fertility.

Soil aeration and fertility:
By burying dung, dung beetles create tunnels in the soil, which helps with soil aeration. These tunnels allow air and water to penetrate deeper into the soil, benefiting plant roots and other organisms. Additionally, the dung buried by beetles acts as a source of organic matter, enhancing soil fertility and promoting plant growth.

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The trusty cow dog keeps a watchful eye over the organic herd as the mist rolls in from the Welsh hills. ...

Free range??
The organic cows with views like this in North Wales are definitely what you’d expect from a free range organic herd producing Milk for Calon Wen!

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Our first visit to a local school supporting the “2B Enterprising” initiative, inspiring the next generation of ambitious, healthy, ethical and enterprising citizens who are able to confidently make decisions, communicate effectively and contribute positively to their community.

Collaboration and cooperation is a key element of our programme and we commit to supporting colleagues and our community to add value wherever possible.

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Organic cattle are required to have access to outdoor space and a balanced diet that is free from animal by-products.

The UK organic certification process ensures that organic cattle are raised to high animal welfare standards, promoting healthy and sustainable farming practices that benefit both the environment and consumers.

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Calon Wen unsalted butter is a traditional, smooth tasting butter made from organic cream, deliciously delicate and versatile. Why not try our creamy Welsh butter on your hot toast or inside your hot cross buns? This is a must have for baking!

Due to our upcoming construction works, we need to clear our fridges of surplus short-dated stock.
We have a limited supply (50 cases) of unsalted butter BBE: 15.05.23 .

This product is suitable for freezing. Defrost overnight in the fridge and once defrosted consume within two weeks.

20 x 250g packs per case – RRP £58 per case

Now available at a bargain price of £35 Per Case (20 Pack)

The website link for this offer is in the bio

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