Mini Moula is Growing Up Fast

Mini is growing up fast; she is strong, healthy and has a shiny coat, so this week she moved into the calf barn. In here she will be fed plenty of hay and cow’s milk. Calon Wen calves stay inside for a good few months until the weather is warm and they are big enough to no longer need cow’s milk.

She will live and learn with a fellow group of calves, they will grow up together, go out to pasture for the first time together and join the milking herd together.

Lucky is enjoying being back with the milking herd, due to the snow the herd haven’t been able to go out to pasture. But this week they are happy to be grazing on the spring grass.

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Meet Mini Moula

Here at Calon Wen we wanted to bring you more stories from our family farms and we can’t think of a better way than to follow one of our new born calf’s as she grows into a young cow and joins the herd. Mini was born just over a week ago on Mother’s Day. She

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